Please Take Some Time To Go Through Some of Our Training Assets.

There are four key areas that can significantly boost your patients’ generation and sales for body sculpting treatments.

These activities include (1) patients generation, (2) patients conversion, (3) return and referral strategies, and (4) staff auditing and incentives.

By focusing on these areas, you can make substantial progress in attracting high-value clients. Let's explore some actionable steps that have already worked for our clients and that can immediately propel your business forward.

Patients Generating Strategies

Reactivation script

Qualify them on a call

Our 3 secret strategies

Only 3 Numbers Matter

High ticket treatments

What’s your story?

Create Branding Videos

Competitive Offers


Patients Conversion Strategies

Establish connection

Prioritise first time patients

Don’t make them wait

Get them to bring someone

High quality appts w/ one sentence

Use Testimonials

6 magic questions

Values Really Matter

Two 5* front desk questions

Present Your Price Strategically

"Sell" With Testimonials

Upsell/Cross/Down Sell

Return and Referral Strategies

Are you open in the evening?

How to ask for reviews


Staff Auditing and Incentives


Scripts To Increase Walkins